We believe in the power of data-driven decisions. We are passionate about helping clients learn how to collect and use data. From one-time survey design and administration to systemic ongoing analysis, Shuster Consulting, Inc. provides clients with customized data collection instruments and affordable data analysis.

Effective programs need high-quality evaluation services. We work closely with clients to ensure that their evaluation needs are met. Shuster Consulting brings substantial experience in quantitative and qualitative measurement to the table, including cutting-edge methods that help clients understand where their programs shine and where there are areas for improvement. Our specialty in education allows us to navigate human subjects research in school districts and with program partners.

Program Design
Growing organizations need high-quality program design to meet their goals. Our experience in designing effective and sustainable programs allows us to help clients create initiatives that match their aspirations. Contact us for help getting from your logic model to concrete results in schools and communities.

Organizational Development
Grant writing can be time-consuming for busy nonprofits. We have a significant track record of success helping clients obtain and report on grants. Affordable rates mean that your staff can focus their attention where their expertise matters the most.